You’re going to marry in coming months or weeks and you are looking for a photographer to capture those unique and ephemeral moments ? You’re right ! The rings and the pictures are the only remaining things of that wonderful day. But be careful, anybody cannot improve to become a wedding photographer… there are things to think about, anticipate and it is not allowed to miss the most important instants which not come back. Besides that, over that experience aspect, the wedding photographer will be able to guide and advise you the best way, even for one or another aspect of the day preparation. Thus, it is important to have the « good feeling » with him.

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Don’t hesitate to ask for a meeting with any photographer anybody has recommended, see her/his work and ask all your questions. There is no engagement to do so and you will have a better idea about what to expect from her/him. I always propose to meet as I think it is beneficial for the bride and the groom as for me.  At the end of that meeting, most of the time, we know if we will work together or not. It is the best way to see if you like my work and we have a good feeling. So, don’t hesitate to contact me, it is without engagement 🙂


Every photographer has his own style and personality which don’t necessarily please to all. In addition, each has his experience and his quality level. Often, the cost of the reportage and the associated services or missions will depend of all that. The same, the cost of the options will depend on the proposed products (albums, prints, galeries, studio,…) So, for that point also, it is important to know your photography budget and see what you want to have for that money. It is often preferable to take a professional photographer during few hours than your uncle who probably take good photos of flowers or landscapes but doesn’t have experience with weddings. That day, friends and family are yours gests, to enjoy and share your day with you. If you want to meet for work and cost presentation, it is without engagement, so just contact me…

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